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NETCO’s story has been under pinned by robust growth over past decades and today we are proud to state that we have successfully completed more than 4000 projects which includes State Security Dept, Premises, Central jail, Traffic Dept, Educational Institutions, Banking and High rise residential & commercial complexes. Among the few areas we worked with includes Banking & Money exchange sectors, jewelleries and Hotels. At NETCO our philosophy is to create


At NETCO our philosophy is to create a secured environment, our aim is to ensure maximum security by availing the sophisticated technology available around the globe or to develop such kind of technologies in-house.

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 The prevention of occupationally induced injuries and illness will be treated as a priority by management and employees and will be given precedence in all operational matters. The Company will not knowingly allow unsafe conditions to exist or permit employees to participate in unsafe activities.

The Senior Contracts Manager will be the Company’s designated Health & Safety Manager and will be responsible for implementing and maintaining the Company’s safety program.

The purpose of the Health & Safety Policy is to provide methods for the evaluation and maintenance of a safe working environment and to outline procedures for handling injuries and subsequent reporting requirements.

This Health & Safety Policy applies to all employees and departments of NETCO.

John Kenedy Finance Manager
John Kenedy Finance Manager
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Sheila Watson Digital Marketing
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Witney Whouston Marketing
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Kevien Peterson Operation Manager
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