Customer Base

NETCO has successfully delivered solutions and services to a diverse and respectable Corporate and Government customer base in excess of 1,000 organizations spread across the UAE.

Market Approach

In today’s technological era, customers are faced with the increasingly daunting prospect of choosing from several available product options in order to solve their business needs. In the current ‘wired’ environment, rarely does a single vendor possess all the necessary capabilities, products and techniques, which can be encompassed together to produce a meaningful solution towards a customer’s business requirement.
Over the years, NETCO have established strategic alliances with technology partners that provide cross synergies to form a “one-stop” window concept. This allows us to provide a complete end-to-end solution that meets even the most demanding customer expectations and market environments.
Our market approach allows us to provide services including consulting & customized solutions for a wide spectrum of applications through knowledge and applying business acumen.


Consulting services are offered in areas of technology planning, designing, systems integration and evaluation. From the birth of an idea to the implementation of a solution, our consultants’ partner with you to provide a solution that meets and fulfills the needs of your business. Our solutions also take into account your performance requirements, future growth plans and technology trends.