Ever since its establishment in 2007, NETCO has strived to maintain high ethical standards, create products and services that provide value to our customers, and become a company trusted and chosen by all of its stakeholders, including customers, under the motto of “Better Products, Better Services.”

The new technology have highly influenced and changed our life very much and took us in to a new level. It is like the new way of thinking or doing the normal things differently, better and much faster with less hassle and cost effectively. The new knowledge has enabled people to create new things, and conversely, many scientific endeavours are made possible by technologies which assist humans in all ways.

NETCO is currently focusing on leveraging its strengths in the modern technology areas to offer Solutions for Society capable of increasing the sophistication of infrastructure systems and services indispensable to society. Through these business activities, NETCO remains committed to collaborating closely with each and every one of its stakeholders to create an “information society friendly to humans and the earth” based on value that helps ensure safety, security, efficiency and equality, enabling people to live more abundant lives.

Going forward, we will aim to establish a new means of corporate culture in which every member of the NETCO possesses the spirit of self-help and takes initiative in carefully assessing societal and customer expectations, considering what can be done to meet these expectations, taking appropriate action, and providing value, as well as to build stronger relationships of trust with all of our stakeholders.We look forward to your continued support and patronage.

Naushad Abdulla