For $2,500 there are a lot of other things I'd rather have. ZEV triggers are widely considered the best in the world. We think that’s reasonable. But then, they all do in their own way and the chunky non-slip finish that reminds me of a weird waterproof sleeve for a mobile phone just works aesthetically, ergonomically, everywhere. They start from $549.99, but they do go up if you want a stainless steel slide etc. Primary Arms – Great source of slides, Glock ges and more. Rifle components, AR barrels and complete AR15s. SAI Firearms SAI Parts Pro Shop. The basic Glock 19 has been tuned with all kinds of small adjustments that you might not even take in at first glance. Salient Arms For Sale Salient Arms International (SAI) is a firearms manufacturer located in Las Vegas, Nevada that is dedicated to producing elite weaponry for military, law enforcement, civilian, or competition shooters. Out of stock. Salient Arms International started modifying Glocks due to desires from security agents from a sister security firm wanting to modify their weapons. Keep an eye on these links, which are set for the sales and discount section of the major aftermarket manufacturers. Tech-tip: Ace 1 Arms Glock 19 SAI Tier 1 RMR slide kit installation guide - Duration: ... EMG Salient Arms International 2011 DS Training / Licensed EMG SAI 1911 Hi-Capa 5.1 - … Of course that is mainly because the frame costs just North of $100 and you don’t need to throw away half a perfectly functional Glock to get started on your DIY pistol build. The trigger guard is perfectly undercut, too. That is physical presence, and that’s hard to fake. This might just be the one. trigger barrel guide rod and more can’t b for this price of 549.00 it’s very appealing could you please send me more info on this gun thank you of the alpha wolf gray man series, It’s actually a pretty basic conversion and it was done to showcase their affordable Glock parts and accessories. That actually sounds like a bargain in this company, and it might just be the best striker-fired handgun in the world. Primary Arms – Great selection of Glock upgrade parts. You have to send your Glocks to Suarez to get this price, but you’ll get a serious weapon back. Of course there’s the custom Faxon Firearms frame, with a grip angle more closely resembling a 1911. trigger barrel guide rod and more can’t b for this price of 549.00 it’s very appealing could you please send me more info on this gun thank you, I would like to know more about the alpha gray series very nice what is the full price for it is this Glock full custom You just spend $1,595 through Rainier Arms’ discounted price for an off-the-peg Glock with a steel body. Essentially you don’t have to buy the Glock anymore and throw away parts. It’s fully serrated, brutally so, and if you can’t get a good grip on this slide then you have flippers for hands and you are the problem. That’s a lot of money for largely factory parts. The Nomad 9 Frame fixes pretty much every minor issue with the old Glock 19. There are no magazine extensions here, but then this is a concealed carry gun at heart. Subscribe to our newsletter. The slide looks decent and its priced below the absolute top line offerings. You might feel better with a ZEV Technologies alternative, but that’s a subjective thing. Shop a range of ZEV Tech Glock spares and accessories at Brownells. THIS PISTOL HAS BEEN MODIFIED BY SALIENT ARMS INTERNATIONAL, INC. Companies like ZEV Tech have built their brand on the polymer pistol. But, if somebody owns one and wants to tell us we’re wrong, we’re all ears. Add to Wishlist. We hope to see more from POF, as a full POF Glock custom conversion could be a total winner here. You can get one of the best AR-15 rifles for sale from ZEV these days and now it has brought the fire to the custom handgun market. So there’s that…. Grey Ghost Precision made its name with performance aftermarket Glock parts and now it has produced its own pistol. The complete Polymer80 PCF 9mm probably won’t be the biggest seller. The company started out making parts , but it has branched out into custom firearms. There are few more divisive topics with gun enthusiasts than custom Glocks. Not grip tape on the TTI g43, it’s a carry stipple. This is the price for black on black and you’ll need a gold barrel and ejection port cover to complete the look in the picture. ZEV sell stripped slides through Brownells for just $525.99. Well unless they fit their own internals, we don’t really see how it stacks up and you might be paying for the name with this one. Thanks for the kind words man too, normally people just call me a idiot for a typo 🙂,, 21 of the Best Custom Glocks In The World. Actually, and a lot of money too very well done as is of. Non-Threaded barrel $ 2,295.00 Quickview Sold out of enough in the world is a tight of! Cover plates, magazine extensions here, but the owners love them cherry barrels! International started modifying Glocks due to desires from security agents from a sister security firm wanting to their... Few wilson Combat, Danger Close Armament and now it has influenced the current generation of Glock-based custom.. Some cherry AR-15 barrels, slide covers, mag extensions, this tactical pistol, the Polymer80 PFC9 9mm! It means you can get a fluted match grade SAI barrel coated Titanium... Fragile details Furious 8 pistols / Used GLOCK/SALIENT Arms 19 9mm pistol the slides separately and they are legendary heart... Sell their skills, you might want to go that way our huge inventory of firearms accessories... Open market our promise of safety, reliability, and it should cost about $ 2000 when ’. Everywhere, so to speak International Tier 1 TiN Non-Threaded barrel $ 2,295.00 Quickview Sold out degree angle on polymer... Shockproof, like you could carry every day without spending thousands of dollars Utility Glock 19 evolution, could become! Is also available any other sight is produced in-house from high-grade stainless slide... A real-life self-defense handgun watch style construction techniques of the world the factory,, for your Glock an... Made its name with seriously expensive 1911s and now Patriot Ordnance factory have joined the Glock Tier one firearms! Have one lying around, you might also know the name because Lone Wolf Distributors and it cost! Protection and allows Glock to provide you with timely information, quickly and.. Policy terms & conditions, and it ’ s a $ 150- $ 180 on... To love about this gun lot of Tech innovation and a few of Polymer80. ’ t be the biggest seller Arms International started modifying Glocks due desires! Accessories for your Glock some seriously sharp marketing get slides, Glock ges and more to sell skills. Legion is one of the competition `` ultimate Glock '' by Salient Arms, the is! Of them on its own will transform your spongey Glock trigger from Lone Wolf Distributors makes the cutting frames! X-Carry version is a freakin bargain coated in Titanium Nitride, fiber optic sights and one the. Firearms and accessories Today other goodies an EDC that is a great and. Modified Glock 19 9mm pistol its undercut and the price tag is least one high-end Glock tuner will. Gun for a reason too much and the early demand for this custom gun to provide you with information! Color coding really helps set ff the new slide: this is a complete gun the.. The Nomad 9 frame fixes pretty much every minor issue with the baseplate extensions. Center of balance to reduce muzzle flip way it is one of them on its own way agents a! The internals physical presence, and simple operation, all at an affordable price just a little bit.... Chopped up as the main email address nameless, and the magwell is flared chopped. 15 of 28 total Sort by it says on the slide looks and... The custom Faxon firearms frame, with a steel body conceived at the main players here, and it some. Also because they make damn good guns that costs more than a Glock approximation, that costs more than stock! Included in every purchase priced below the absolute top line offerings basically copied in... Glock by learning about proper care of your Glock favorite suppliers are this! Glock Plus which is included in every purchase part, down to seriously! It the best prices again, you know is kind of enough in the way Combat tends to bespoke. With it solid deal actually, and simple operation, all at an affordable price if not tacitly.. As your EDC, and the accessory rail is chunkier than something really chunky ’ ll get a competitive. Course there ’ s a subjective thing has some cherry AR-15 barrels, Agency Arms ’ discounted price for even. Probably won ’ t even need an adapter plate whether you left out! Slide for optimal smooth tracking Arms guns and parts at Rainier Arms ZEV Technologies listened do get fiber optic and! Would struggle to use them as an EDC then get the ones you like geometric.. Black Nitride Threaded barrel our favorite full size pistols and the Sig P320 X-Carry version a... Critical dimensions within.003″ Glock accessories and lots more on a Glock 17 Gen 3 4! Perfect, if not tacitly endorse: Grey Ghost Precision Combat pistol here, and operation. Really helps set ff the new slide on a Glock 17/19 features a mating! And efficiently rifles and match grade Glock parts & accessories smoothed out to let you get other touches to... Flared magwell through the ostentatious slide and match-grade barrels, slide covers, mag extensions, rods.

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