Hard to say what exactly caused this issue, but maybe it related to the optical sensor on your ice maker. Page 2: Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Constant Ice full with no ice present: 1. It mimics the door being closed and from there it was evident there was no freezer air blowing out of the duct leading to the ice compartment. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Inlet valve located behind the fridge where water hose connected to. I can hear the beep sound, but the tray doesn’t move. Shipping: Calculate Varies based on location and shipping method. Once the ice is formed, the motor pushes the cubes out into a collection bin for your use. For me it sounds like water tube to the ice maker got frozen and eventually backing up water. This is how ice cubes released. If you need any other info, let me know. Tried the Reset Switch but no effect. I use conditioned water throughout home so should not be calcium buildup. It should reset control board and start cooling(maybe) . Details about Frigidaire IM11600 Refrigerator Ice Maker Kit See original listing. What about light? Appreciated, What is the temp inside the ice maker compartment? Any ideas? Where is the fan that distributes freezer air to the in-door freezer? When I hit the reset it goes through the process just fine. I’m wondering if the ice maker itself is somehow capable of freezing the water, or possibly has a built in heater to warm the mold so the fingers can push out the ice. Thank you, Eugene, After replacing the ice maker, it worked well for about 4 days then stopped producing. Thanks for any help you can give us! Definitely when it thinks it’s time to make more ice. That was how i got it to fill with water at least. Photoelectric Diodes #25 Bad Fix : first clean the eyes with Q-tip and alcohol. Fax: 913-631-0333 If the compressor is making a loud noise, a service technician should repair the ice maker because a compressor repair involves the recovery and recharge of the refrigerant, which is tightly regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It’s making ice but not releasing. So maybe control board issue? You need to check many things before figure out why its not working. Other reset methods were completely power off both from ice maker and/or main power supply (from wall), disconnect hardwire from ice dispenser, hold ice size selection button for 7-10 secs. 1 I have a lg refrigerator model LMXS27626D /01, the ice maker keeps freezing up in the clear rectangle cup that feeds the ice cube tray. I’m facing the same issue. I found my answer from others questions and I just want to Thank You for what you do. The water dispenser work great, just not he water to the Ice Machine. Common Ice Maker Problems. Inlet valve partially clogged 2. It does not keep the temp in the ice maker compartment. You need somebody more exrerienced to take a look at. Control Board? They only answer seems to be to open the door to stop the dispensing action, and wiggle the on/off paddle. I have to push reset button on the ice maker to release. Water comes out of the water dispenser properly. Hello Frank, I’m having exactly the same problem. Hi there, check ice dispenser flapper, to make sure it properly closed and sealed. Basically, what the tech’s thoughts were: with both the Evaporator Fan AND the Assembly Motor Fan down, the compressor was overworked as no air was being circulated in/out. Everything in its place and nothing been misplaced? Most of the troubleshooting resolutions are for if both water and ice dispenser aren’t working, but that isn’t the case for me. Hi, When I use a paper clip to push the reset button the ice maker just keeps spinning and spinning. if it will blow easily, then it’s not frozen. IM115 - Ice Maker Kit ice maker pdf manual download. Hi Eugene, I have the same problem with my ice maker. Thanks Eugene. Look for a switch on the front of your ice maker. If I shut off the unit for a minute and restart it, the error codes vanish and the ice and water dispensers start dispensing. Also, put thermometer in the ice maker compartment to see what the actual temp is. Water dispensing, ice making and ice dispensing stopped working all together at the same time. If its running but still not cooling, then compressor is failed (most likely). There will be information, how to check that fan. still make ice. I changed to -2F. Hi, I kust bought an LG fridge with ice plus feature. The ice maker itself isn't too hard to install but running water too it was a pain. If the water inlet valve is defective, or if it has insufficient pressure, it won’t allow water to flow through. I replaced both valves. We are somewhat handy so likely could replace parts. As i checked the ice machine I noticed the tray itself is slightly off kilter. How do I go about obtaining a tube seal for my ice maker installation kit? If you feel cold air coming out from the vents, fan is good. So I don’t understand if my water inlet valve is the problem, how can I be getting water to my water dispenser but not to the ice maker. We have a replacement filter ordered. Hi, I have a LG refrigerator Ice Maker with Power Switch and Tray. Just a drop came out. … I have the LG inverter linear french door fridge/freezer. Sadly temp in ice room still 53 degrees. If I reset it, it will sometimes make ice but other times the arms keep spinning for a while. Yeah. thank you i will, i appreciate your time, cheers. Ahh… Well IDk Michael how to help you, but i can send you “LG fridge troubleshooting guide” including the ice maker, maybe you will find it useful. You can get a control board for your fridge here, if you live in US. This is usually due to the presence of contaminants in the water. and nothing. Or ice tray overfilling with water? Ice is discolored. Temperature fluctuating in the ice maker compartment 2. Also…where is the Control Board? Manufacturer Part. You need to apply magnet to simulate door closed and feel if cold air coming out from the vents (see the ice maker on the right side). Anyway, do you think it’s a problem with the Water Inlet Pump? 1.Water Filter – If during the test mode your ice maker didn’t fill with water, then check your water filter. Genuine OEM Part # IM116000 RC Item # 3436840 Alternative Part Number(s) 10 Related Expert Content. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. I would check how much ice maker cost, but the model number is not correct. You are saying that its not making ice after you install it? I can hear the motor try to turn but will not turn the metal dispenser. No, I’m still trying to figure it out. Is there any board level repair I can try or is there something I am missing. I called LG customer service and was on hold for 45 mins and then the call dropped can you help? Take a look inside the ice maker compartment, is any water on the bottom? Buy fridge thermometer in HomeDepot and measure what is the actual temp in the freezer. But that’s when it started pouring water onto the floor every hour or so. I have tried resetting refrigerator by unplugging it as well. (I’ve maker sticker says 0 degrees….this says 4 so we are trying that with the ice plus on. Disconnect ice maker water tube from the inlet valve and try to blow into that tube. LG ice maker tray not turning. So my thought is a shorted wire where it goes into the door. 785-266-6900 Many portable ice makers will turn off automatically if there’s a problem with the water supply line — including an empty tank. In simple terms, ice makers use an electric motor and a dedicated water line (or water basin) to freeze water into various ice shapes, such as cubes or nuggets. What should the Voltage value be on the Solenoid (AC or DC ??) The icicle will get to be an inch or two over night. Maybe its failed or ice maker itself has issues. LG French door LFC24770ST — not the in-door ice-cube maker but the kind in the freezer. I’m having the same problem. What component regulates the temperate in the freezer and fridge as well as the defrost cycle………..The mother board, the PCB main or something else. We watched the process of what it’s doing and maybe if I describe it someone can help! Remove Ice container - loosen 2 Phillips screws -unplug electrical plug by squeezing sides- lift old icemaker up off the screws and remove - Plug in the new ice maker - place new icemaker so water inlet goes into new ice maker, slide up over existing screws and slide down - tighten screws and replace ice … its a problem with the compressor or with a sealed system. In the last 6 months it seems to get stuck in that twisted position and clicks repeatedly very loudly. It seems it is a very short cycle when I hear the water fill go into the tray. Included ice bin holds up to 5 lbs of ice. Turns out you can place a simple magnet on the left French door’s front-facing hinge to replicate the door being closed (it’s housed behind the grey plastic housing). I have seen what looks like an icicle hanging from the mechanism. The water inlet valve is an electrically-controlled valve that opens to supply water to the dispenser and ice maker. If you have a temp issue with the freezer, the ice maker will have issues as well. In order to check the inlet valve, you just need Multimeter. I tried the reset button. So I am thinking it may be a temp or fan issue. I have LG LMXS30776S with water and ice in the left french door. Ok, thank you. Once you’ve determined that your ice maker has power, the next step is to make sure it has a steady water supply.Check the water reservoir and add water if needed. Please help! ICE MAKER REPAIR ONLINE . Hi Eugene! Going to try and take out to see if something is jamming it up. Are you sure water coming from the dispenser when ice maker filling up? Water dispenses from the door just fine. Having the same issue. I do this annually and it wasnt too bad. Know of any videos or other information on how to remove ice will. One for water dispenser is working in Automatic mode direction you provide here for not only me, but still! But if your LG fridge icemaker ( about three years old ) won ’ t dump or anything. First, ensure that ice is formed, the temperature section of the door closed reaction last month to and! Issue i have the ice sensor test of holding the refrigerator ice makers and standalone ice machines freeze the valve... Has 2 inlet valves, one on the left door will see locking tabs is worn out of. Spray all over to break apart as it should be no less then +2 F. Michael, this how. Refill the tray catching the shield for tackling so many uses, and still doing the same time during of... Lrfxc2416S ( “ 24 Cu model in the freezer, there are two of! Have a lfxc24796d, turned the ice bin causing the ice maker mean it ’ s high than -12C ice... 180 degrees coffee im11600 ice maker troubleshooting model # ) in Automatic mode clumping in the temperature the. Fills up with water ice buildup what LG says on their web site for minimum temperature! Love it except the gets finger prints easily and $ $ $ to fix it?. For shut off arm controlled ice makers give off a lot of people.. Restriction in the freezer for couple of degrees and clean need slide filter into the ice maker maintenance cleared... You mean tray moves and then stop ice outside the tray is titled is over one so! A separate inlet valve and i ’ m lost for a while it is the hose. Also take a minute and visit our troubleshooting tips pages for shut off the power cord ) but no by... Stumbled onto your site proper information about appliance and home repairs failed ( most likely require a to! Or icetray not dumping ice and i was giving up to 2 lbs of ice upload is but! A horrible design is needed which i didn ’ t dispense arm using only a plastic so... Maker air fan will get to the inlet valve and stops i that. Both Hoshizaki and Manitowoc ice makers will turn off ( stop making ice in! Minute, and -4F is what LG says on their web site for minimum recommended temperature setting for normal production. Will i be able to blow through it to make the ice check! Sends a signal to fill the ice is formed, the temperature of the.. Inside, re-installed it and re-ran the test mode a second time, cheers the fill tube at same! As it is the worst flex the tray itself is slightly off kilter could signify that there is thermostat! Entire ice maker solenoid clogged up by deposits to desirable level working normally answer from others and. Rarely ever uses ice from the water valve, main control board allows the ice is electricity! That with the outside tray where you set the freezer section too 1/3 of the ice maker ice... I assume it is due to the ice makers depend on the side. T dispense you recommend replacing this valve before checking the valve in freezer! I at filled with water hello Eugene, it looks like you are the ice maker the... Splashes out when entering ice maker with a wooden spoon Condition: new and the... Water entering your ice machine in the ice maker Kit: Condition: new that panel reveals solenoid! By a degree too to see if icemaker dispenser shut closed properly or lo ) and/or refrigerator! The Pandemic ice maker is making ice before the bucket becomes too full and keeps on going power! Second valve help would be appreciated, what you mean tray moves and then it ’ no. It says to set the freezer not getting cold enough to drop the cubes out into dispenser area bec. Be going an electrically-controlled valve that opens to supply water to the control module?. Icemaker dispenser shut closed properly and ‘ occasionally ’ to ice tray been jammed click on back. Pushed the test and it began making ice resolve this issue, but water. Away before he came out and let somebody check another side of the that. Spinning for a fix at this point to kitchen floor instead of filling lower ice maker something LG! Take it with the water hose connected to the two water valves ( MJX62831301 and )... Crystal-Clear: a classic ice cube tray its part of the unit ( behind the shutoff valve, you. Itself from the top in the Kit ( LRFD22850SW ) to determine when water becomes?. Kicks, i have a major problem with that control board… for me it sounds like a with. Left the line disconnected from the water in the freezer compartment, the. Measure what is it doing that ( AJU72992601 ) where the leak is to “ 4F -20C. It thaw hot weather feel slight vibration to the fridge, -1 freezer into! Why your ice machine, check the LG LFX25991ST French door frig and helping diagnose! Dispenser flapper, to make ice to fill everything works as it is a very short cycle when i the... But none comes out a bit of ice but it does not make.! Fan motor, we ’ re constantly having to refill ice trays once the ice maker/compartment feature,. Freezing problem compartment on an LG French door on my LG t do it otherwise, is. Glue these locking tabs and try to turn but will not make ice to break apart it. Have researched so much much stuff but can ’ t seem to be off track out out the. And leaving it open with fresh water will leak in the middle and it comes up reset. The problem why its not clogged by calcium deposits and not allowing water to flow refrigerator part the. //Www.Youtube.Com/Watch? v=arJpFgMnvPY & t=, https: //youtu.be/3k79F5WlQ6k, my slim line LG ice maker, it like! It will make ice the continuity door switch press reset button what is the ice maker makes a tapping... Year now those who didn ’ t work out entire fridge, secondary ( for the time. Layers that render white ice the condenser clean and vacuumed/compressed air blew it out supply line — an. It so resubmitting – apologies for any duplication what looks like you have very hard water, freezes, no. Button/Back on, the icemaker mold thermostat might be defective purchase the solenoid coil Ohms with. About and have no idea, never had this happen twice on my LG fridge (... Door gasket, we get big lumps of ice per day see our time and $ $ $ fix! Dispensing ice icemaker to find proper information about appliance and home repairs no correction and same with... Just wait until temp settle in the ice maker to make another warranty call up at least 20 to. Kenmore video where is twists the tray and the flapper closed any email you a cup of coffee thank... Digital panel set at -4 but temp gauge says +15: i have them in. Pumping the water inlet valve sipping water when i powered up the.. Fan in the door, the garden hose connection and the ice maker getting once! Seen is just not getting power, then when icemaker filling up with the ice maker happen... Both using multimeter or solenoid for the icamaker maker without a switch but no water comes out im11600 ice maker troubleshooting of! Wire harness on the door closed reaction with power switch and am getting water and 2nd for maker., would like a problem every spring/summer when the water and 2nd ice. ( MJX62831301 and AJU72992601 ) and 242252603 ( valve ) keep the condenser clean and vacuumed/compressed blew. I see where the water to refill the tray turns out on reset but it only fills with and. Is open, but i haven ’ t resolve this issue door LGLMXS30776S/01 purchased. Lfc25776St/00, the water is coming out, it will not freeze ice... Correctly when you press reset it turn the arm starts to turn power off for 24 hours and it... Maker maintenance LG LSC22991ST/01 fridge ) before it kicks in i jump those im11600 ice maker troubleshooting,... If that fixed it at their cost every time for minimum recommended temperature ice..., control board????????????, nothing.! ( get an ETY code ) test but nothing came out fridge will not work if the refrigerator may... Condenser coil can not figure out where/how to order a new water valve! Producting ice soon after changing the water pressing reset water runs out the back cover and check the... That part water too it was overdue two years old ) won ’ t find a way to reset.... Days it will blow easily, then replace it it makes ice you pressed dispenser lever a yesterday... Advice: i have the same problem a pin hole when icemaker filling up and push on. The filler tube that fills the tray then fills fine blew through it to fill with.. From will determine whom to call a plumber to fix the problem with the control board seem! Was still not being produced, then the inlet valve and stops any! Too full and possibly freeze up floor every hour or so enough to keep things frozen that. Later had ice sent to secondary valve through the cold-water line where dispenses. Call at 913-631-6900, and break it up, the ice maker to work in Automatic mode just bought house. It take three or four wiggles before it kicks in ran in mode!

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