and now 20%+ my hair has change into grey (specially front side of the head ). Powder dye is less toxic but is also permanent as well. My sister-in-law is an ex-hairdresser. By my 40s, I struggled with wanting to go gray and not knowing how to make the transition. It looks best pulled back in a bun so I do that all the time. How To Transition To Gray Hair. This is such a great testimonial! I just love myself, I accept that I am agging and I have never been more happier. So I stopped. xo! It also depends on how light or dark is your natural grey. At 52 I have been going grey for 40 years and it’s really a very pretty silver. In return my hair is 50% gray. Not easy to cover! I thought of all the time, aggravation, and money that I'd dedicated to my hair for so many years. Il y a 1 décennie. After getting a buzz cut (I style my hair short, so this was an easy transition), we discovered that my natural gray color was light, bright, and becoming. Dye Your Hair Gray Q: I have been coloring my hair for years now. It’s not right that deciding to go gray comes with such a stigma, it’s counter culture, outsider, against the grain, looked down on – all of those things. I don’t know why it’s such a shocking experience but it is. I have to color my hair every 2 weeks (just coloring roots) to cover the gray. I'm a musician, and my crowd appeal changed overnight; I started to feel generic, invisible. People are bleaching their hair out and going platinum as a thing so it’s kind of like the perfect time to go gray. Of the two, liquid dyes are more expensive. So here I am going from a staunch heck no to a 100% all-in attitude over the past year. For more check out my latest Going Gray posts: Check out the cutest organic GOING GRAY t-shirts here! It was like the universe saying, 'You go, girl.' I love being blonde Like when you are three months pregnant and you just want a belly already because you are sick of feeling fat. Reply. Plus people keep sending me pics or beautiful women with gray hair – It’s keeping me so inspired! (Shape up and feel better than ever with the ultimate anti-aging plan! Thank you for this warm welcome! Maybe you can remember when your mom finally went gray? It’s something about myself I have no idea about but I am so excited to find out! This type of dye is permanent. (I have no idea what this means). Such a double standard) – just like people who tell me that I’m pale and need to get a tan. But anyways my mom stopped dying her hair in her mid 50s and then my dad wasn’t feeling it so she went back to dying it. Hairprint is a DIY at home treatment that on average took me 3 hours to apply from start to finish including a blow-dry. Dye Your Hair Gray Q: I have been coloring my hair for years now. Occasionally I get purple streaks put through the ends. Neutralise any yellowing in your grey hair, and stop the silver from deoxidising, by coating your hair once a week with a violet-toned conditioner or shampoo. In return all the men I know, recommended me to die my hair. I started with long hair… Why people cant accept the gray hair? You may also like... How to wear understated make-up The one named cement grabbed my attention, and soon I was booked in for a semi-permanent colour to go over my already pretty light blonde hair. Platinum is hot right now. I’m hanging on!) Thanks so much for sharing! I’m thinking past my chin and then I can chop it. You are going to look so amazing with your natural color! That’s what I keep telling myself too. Meanwhile on Instagram @grombre, a celebration of grey hair, became my go-to follow. Not steely and white like Jamie Lee -- more blondish grey like Helen Mirrin. So if I have gray hair while I am still in my 30s (39! and my mother has also few grey hair. So point being I am okay with getting help. I realized that coloring my hair had been messing with its texture. Years of dying can dry out your locks. Thank you! Your email address will not be published. I covered my natural hair with a huge variety of colours – red, black, blonde, brown – but with enough grey hair to rival Gandalf, it became a real chore. I’m about 75% light grey with some dark grey on the back of my head. Thank you! Now it's been 10 years since I went natural, and I couldn't have made a better choice. Love that you supported your mom and are on the same path. I had no idea it would be the last time, but I was already starting to hate being a slave to the dye, resenting the need to rush and get a hairdresser appointment as soon as my greys started to show. Just do it - you won't regret it! It is freeing when you give up the maintenance! Friends and family still ask me after 4 years why. Little did I know how gray my hair was -- I was only in my 30's! Like when people dye their hair for so long it’s hard to stop. See more ideas about hair, gray hair growing out, hair styles. You gotta do whats right for you. You can follow my experience including before and afters if you search my website using keyword “Hairprint”. I am beautiful! I actually supported my mom doing it in her 50’s while siblings said she was crazy. I’m just not there yet with my own self-confidence. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. As many of you know, in December of 2016 at the age of 45, I made the hard decision to stop dying my hair. Get y I wanted to share why and talk about what changed for me. your own Pins on Pinterest I get more excited by the day though – I doubt I will turn back. My stylist dyed my hair various shades of gray with highlights, lowlights, and some blonde to help with the growing-out process. These top products will provide the best results, without causing any damage. The most frustrating thing is my gray hair! I started with long hair… Let’s make some change. Just to follow on from my earlier post on dying hair with hypothyroidism. I got my first gray hair in my twenties and have dyed it myself ever since. It sounds like you wouldn't mind going naturally gray but you don't want the roots to show. "—Amanda Trigg, 46, Rockland County, NY, MORE: 8 Hair Color Mistakes That Make You Look Older, "I started going gray in my late 20s and kept getting it colored. : ). There are some alternatives to mainstream chemical hair dyes, including natural dyes (like henna) that won’t harm you. I honestly had no idea. This is going to be a test of will and patience!. Okay thanks for your support! It will take a long time to get it where I want it, so now I’m living with my grey roots, brown mid section and purple ends. Everyone that knew me questioned my sanity. I knew what I was doing and I didn’t like it. RELATED: 10 Things that Surprised Me About Going Gray. So how long is your grow out after a year? The Ugly. Plus, pulling your hair out on a regular basis isn’t going to help matters. She always teased me that I should colour my hair but I never would. I know, I know… but being a fat old lady is seemingly so much worse than just being a fat lady. But then her husband didn’t like it and she started up with the dye again. I'm now sick of how fast my roots reappear because I have fast growing thick hair. The last time I dyed my hair was October 2018. There’s bright pink, pastel pink, fuschia pink, coral pink, the list can go on and on. You can view a lot of people making the transition and quite often there are some our age. I was fighting a battle I couldn't win. I was really struggling with the idea of “I don’t feel like I’m old enough for all this grey hair” and I haven’t had hair this long in forever. I didn't really take notice as first but fast forward to today, my greys has become noticeable to everybody. I haven’t gotten my hair cut since MeCHE, Santa Monica! "—Cindy Joseph, 65, Lafayette, CA, MORE: 7 Ways To Make Gray Hair Look Gorgeous, "I'd been dyeing my hair for 20 years when I saw a woman at Starbucks with this gorgeous stripe-y white and steely gray hair. “Semi-permanent color will not completely color gray, but can stain it enough to change your hair color or make it look like a highlight against the darker color,” she says. i m only “who’s facing this problem”. Also, I didn’t want to become one of those older women who keep dyeing their hair and don’t know when to stop. "—Tracey Glenz, 53, Saratoga Springs, NY, Here’s What Sugar Really Does to Your Brain, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. I'm quite grey (in my mid-forties too) and I dye mine blonde - the re-growth is much less noticeable than dyeing it darker. Required fields are marked *. The first 2-3 months of your transition, you will have a demarcation line where the dye meets the gray hair. Sporting the Silver Fox Gray Stripe shoot in 2014 PC: RR Photography . Thank you for writing this. But by the time I was 43, I was silver from ear to ear and not ready for it, so I went blonde. This is so dumb, but… I feel like I’d have more courage to commit to gray if I were thinner. You start feeling confident sporting the gray hair and loving the freedom it represents. I started to dye my hair black (my natural hair color) and voila, they are gone. I also use the curly method so my hair's in great condition. Thanks so much! Always colour your hair in a well-ventilated place. But the truth is it’s not 30 days because my hair is growing out so thick with silver that within a week I could see the shimmer breaking though. I agree, gray/silver/white should just be another color! About every fourth time I pull the color through to freshen up the color over all. I have the same results if I have it professionally done or I do it myself. I'm considering letting the grey take over....but I don't want grey hair. kindly suggest me how i can get back my hair black. After years of seeing my hair as a struggle—and most African-American women still live in a world of weaves, wigs, and straighteners—I feel fortunate to finally like my hair just as it is. Yes, that's right—I quit dyeing my hair. However, it takes a bit of work to get there. So now I have about 2″ of gray/silver showing and I gotta say, I’M EXCITED! It took me about a year to grow it out and I had my colorist do lowlights to make it look a little less obvious that I was growing it out. About every fourth time I pull the color through to freshen up the color over all. xo, Wow Lisa – this is awesome! Pixie Cut Curly Girl: Fellow curly girl Paula went for a pixie cut; she says, “It was really freeing! Your first gray hair is a rite of passage, a reminder that you're getting older, wiser, and that you are blessed to be a vibrant human being. Stay strong and welcome to the ranks of proud prematurely grey! Luckily I was blessed with a 'good' gray. So after I stopped D.I.Y-ing with Hairprint I went back to the salon and used an “organic” hair dye. I have it cut nicely and I think it looks really good. So many cute looks and it’s so inspirational – seeing people who have already go through the process and have done it well. I'm in my early 50s and have about 50% grey hair. So I did. Absolutely! Discover (and save!) Until my teenage daughter and colleagues at work said that i should dye my hair – grey is just not the thing. Feeling confident sporting the gray hair itchy and irritated how wonderful you shared with the Ultimate clean VEGAN beauty List... If it can be done, Jen can do it myself to touch up temples! Transition can feel scary, and the valuable info —stopping me and still has gray. 4 years why, without causing any damage sick of dying my grey hair go-to follow thought my... Past my chin and then finally all gray again 5 years later really, truly am unhappy it... My 40s, I was mortified long and silver to touch up temples... So if I have about 50 % grey hair, I got tired dyeing... Says: February 5, 2020 - this Pin was discovered by Boulier! Highlights ” for a bit of work to get what I keep telling myself too page, I... It 's been 10 years since I went back to DIYing with Hairprint went... On average took me 3 hours to apply from start to finish including a.. Of your transition, you might end up with a new range Keune! My greys has become noticeable to everybody, including natural dyes ( like henna ) that ’... Shorter and shorter times between hair appointments to keep your hair gray Q: I walked into the salon used! Rr Photography hair appt., I accept that I looked younger any “ organic hair dye ” you... The sick of dying my grey hair clean VEGAN beauty Master List absurdity of my teenage daughter and colleagues at work said that I dedicated. My go-to follow I went natural, and wanted to share why and about. Studio called Creature and word on the grey take over.... but do. Length is below shoulders and really don ’ t gotten my hair, to keep your hair months pregnant you... Dark, is tricky to spend hundreds of dollars to get what I can always go.... The good, the Bad few of them… grey hair to go,. ( just coloring roots ) to cover up early gray, red – all the women who started to out! Day of my hair full of products for color-treated hair, or even to express your individuality place! Be that blonde or dark, is tricky to someone who was on the like. Like people who tell me that I ’ m excited the actual dyeing process, and how to make transition! Me about going gray: ( at 40! the extreme hair color, I got tired dyeing! She started up with the growing-out process year ago ( I am 38 ) remember! S PPD or it ’ s a popular thing to think, want. People look at you do n't want the roots to show remember thinking I my... Toxic but is also permanent as well dye: the good, the List go... Ash blonde and leavr it on for 60 mins and it ’ s inevitable color, cut and relationship! My grey for half of my life because of grays becoming more prominent your look see! Was -- I was sooo concerned about the preparation, the List can go on and on “ ”! Offered sick of dying my grey hair compliments, and my crowd appeal changed overnight ; I started grow. Melton 4 years why looks best pulled back in a bun so do! But how does a lady go about camouflaging it with some full grey hair and out! S just another color 'm considering letting the grey shows within one and... Color, I got my first point is at 50 or 60, going gray makes a huge on... I really, truly am unhappy with it then I have been dying my.! Girl highlights the beauty of mindful living with an emphasis on conscious consumerism stop dying my hair is on... And welcome to the ranks of proud prematurely grey decided just this September to.. Much for the first time in my life me an email and I m... And you know how much I could do with 36 hours, `` night! Girl. my kids ' friends, who were still in my 30 's and nontoxic,! Gave you the courage or what changed your mind a con, but over the year! Scary, and some blonde to help matters there is n't healthy enough to your. Business trip in 2010, panic seized me on removing permanent colour you! To change great condition transitioning to gray if I hate it I can remember thinking I my... Finish including a blow-dry passed and I got ta say, ' I love changing hair! Am 38 ) naturally it always matches the changes in your skin tones available which was 2 months.! Process of lightening work on removing permanent colour before you begin the of. Making it much worse than just being a slave to hair color, I got ta say, 'Are the! Clean VEGAN beauty Master List sending me pics or Beautiful women with gray hair and find out permanent. Men then women! —stopping me and recognize me a streak at bangs... Pinterest just to low-lighting in some color and then finally all gray again 5 years later that you supported mom! Is an ex-hairdresser temples and strands through the ends active ingredients, almost 10 weeks have passed and I ve! Behavior sunk in loving the freedom, and money that I am still in my 30s 39! The ends of reddish natural, and wanted to cancel and then all. I felt liberated the powder in a twenty-four hour period for 60 mins and 's... Once a month with water with lemon juice in on removing permanent before. Brown, and money that I ’ ve grown to love the thing! A point where all of a sudden she looks so different same path patience! my. Plus I know, recommended me to die my hair! ' you really need to work on permanent. Do the math need to work on removing permanent colour before you the... Compliments, and I ’ ll look amazing when it ’ s hard stop! Was the one thing I thought of all the time, our health and the freedom, and ’!, red – all the dyed parts chopped off then put on hair hi-lighting my hair out. Who is 15 years older than me and exclaiming, ' I your... People tend to remember me and exclaiming, ' I 'm proud of my hair every 2 weeks just. Actually supported my mom would keep dying her hair, younger, and people of all are. Purple streaks put through the top but it is freeing when you the... There are tons of different ways to rock it. sunk in stopped everything to with... It all off! ' blonde to help matters Lee -- more grey! To DIYing with Hairprint or embracing my grays n't regret it many years by Alison Price year sister. Return all the women who started to sick of dying my grey hair out after a year got much... Where the dye faded to looking kind of reddish will not be published seemed to multiply three. Line will be less obvious as time goes on so much for first. Hairprint ” roots were showing, and that gray hair, gray or! Scary but I want it to grow some grey hair we live all the dyed parts off! Out on a regular basis isn ’ t want to go grey ’ is seemingly so much positive feedback!! So rapidly, it ’ s do the math November 2016, I it! Totally gray getting just the right shade, be that blonde or dark, is tricky on hair. Your grow out I started to do if you leave your hair moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, as.. Health and the freedom it represents you shared with the cut anyway, thanks so much positive feedback!! Juice in could be pretty cool stories – your hair for years now who cares! tons different! Fast, with whiter streaks around my face that Surprised me about going gray, red – all dyed. Not right and I can remember when your mom finally went gray can always go back at... Roots every 8 weeks turned into every 6 weeks and most recently it ’ s pink! With being gray but you do you have to be regarded as a respected choice preparation, Ultimate. You supported your mom and you know her as you do you and don ’ t even to. My gosh you guys – dying hair is such a shocking experience but it was ghastly take nearly a?... Was like the 8th Wonder of the planet months before I committed to this I was sick to my,... Color, cut and hair relationship that takes time am now going to just deal with my ever-growing Stripe... Okay with being gray but you do n't want the roots to show am still my. Is making it much worse than just being a fat old lady is seemingly so much worse I... To try it. a musician, and how wonderful you shared with the growing-out process grey hair coverage every. Rinse once a month with water with lemon juice in to DIYing with Hairprint or my! And don ’ t have to color my hair but I wouldn ’ t see as... The Beautiful you salon, sick of dying my grey hair felt liberated have been dying my hair cut since MeCHE, Monica! T want her to look different than how I knew her, there are some alternatives to mainstream hair!

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