Double-crested cormorant impacts to commercial and natural resources. Conflicts also exist between cormorants and conservation of other species and habitats in some areas. (vi) States and Tribes applying for the first time must consult with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services for an assessment of the appropriate level of take and provide recommendations of short-term measures to provide relief from depredation and long-term measures to help eliminate or significantly reduce conflicts. The Service also wants to ensure accountability not only in determining allowable take, but also in reporting of actual take by permittees. Lethal management should be considered as part of an integrated approach to managing cormorant conflicts and used only when other methods are insufficient to resolve conflicts. Under the vacated aquaculture depredation order, aquaculture facilities were required to annually report lethal cormorant control activities. Another stated that the concept of adaptive management only appeared once in the DEIS, in reference to the perceived benefits of Alternative A allowing flexibility in a State's or a Tribe's cormorant control strategies to achieve desired fisheries benefits. 5. Avery, B.F. Blackwell, and M.D. Pacific Flyway Council, U.S. However, due to concerns expressed by a number of commenters in the Pacific Flyway that take reaching the allowable level could negatively impact the Western Population, the Service initially will allow a maximum of 4,539 birds to be taken annually from that population. The Mississippi Flyway Council recognized, supports, and appreciates that, under Alternative A, some States and Tribes in the Flyway not wishing to establish a new permit system, as well as commercial aquaculture facilities experiencing cormorant issues, have the option to apply for depredation permits under 50 CFR 21.41. However, in cases concerning depredation issues, animals that may not otherwise depredate a particular area may do so when decoyed into that area. Methods of take are at the discretion of the permittee responsible for the action, but must be accomplished by means of humane lethal take or active nest take. What is the Migratory Bird Permit? This rule takes effect on February 12, 2021. States and Tribes and their subpermittees must make efforts to avoid disturbance to co-nesting species. The following limitations apply: (i) Nothing in this section applies to any Federal land within a State's or Tribe's boundaries without written permission of the Federal agency with jurisdiction. The President of the United States communicates information on holidays, commemorations, special observances, trade, and policy through Proclamations. Therefore, creating a new State and Tribal cormorant permit would enable the Service to more efficiently respond to the needs of States and Tribes seeking relief from conflicts associated with Start Printed Page 85538cormorants. The Service encourages and expects continued use of nonlethal measures in conjunction with lethal measures where permittees find this approach most effective. has no substantive legal effect. 703 et seq.) The need to ensure adequate monitoring and reporting to manage take while considering the limited State resources was cited by some State agencies as well. ), (b) passive deterrents (e.g., netting, exclusion devices, nest deterrents, etc. At those levels of take, the continental population of double-crested cormorants is expected to average about 830,285 cormorants. The Migratory Bird Permit Office of the US Fish & Wildlife Service must be notified within 24 hours of acquiring a threatened or endangered migratory bird species, or bald or golden eagle, whether live or dead. The Service establishes a new permit option under 50 CFR part 21 (Special Double-Crested Cormorant Permit) that is available to State and Tribal fish and wildlife agencies in the 48 contiguous United States to manage conflicts specifically associated with double-crested cormorants. However, allocation of authorized take may be modified as conditions change once take is allowed. ), (c) habitat management (e.g., vegetative barriers, grass management, prey management, etc. 12866 while calling for improvements in the Nation's regulatory system to promote predictability, to reduce uncertainty, and to use the best, most innovative, and least burdensome tools for achieving regulatory ends. 11th Avenue . One State agency, for example, requested that the Service provide standardized population monitoring and reporting protocols needed to evaluate impacts of authorized take on cormorant populations, as well as criteria to be used to assess the costs and benefits of take on wild fish stocks, aquaculture facilities, human health and safety, property, and species of conservation concern. The 2017 EA (USFWS 2017) evaluated issuing depredation permits to take cormorants for specific circumstances across 37 central and eastern States and the District of Columbia. 13211 and would not significantly affect energy supplies, distribution, or use. A separate State agency commented with concern for the burden that the proposed permit will place on States to develop and maintain programs to manage allowable take (i.e., population monitoring, permitting, and reporting). The Service expects this special double-crested cormorant permit, which increases the flexibility of States and Tribes to address issues and also expands the scope of conflicts that can be addressed to wild and publicly managed fish, will result in increased efforts to reduce those conflicts, including lethal take of birds, nests, and eggs. Subsequently, the Service developed an EA pursuant to NEPA in 2009 and again in 2014 that determined that a 5-year extension of the expiration date of the two depredation orders would not threaten cormorant populations and that activities conducted under the two depredation orders would not have a significant impact on the human environment. This permit would provide State and Tribal fish and wildlife agencies flexibility within predefined guidelines to address conflicts caused by cormorants within their jurisdictions. Nichols. A State agency commented in disagreement with the assertion that the requirement to track take of cormorants under Alternative A is less burdensome than for other alternatives and that reporting requirements under most alternatives could be structured to equally assess take levels. Commenters in support of a new aquaculture depredation order suggested that this alternative would reduce the administrative and regulatory burden on the Service and the aquaculture industry, and emphasized that individual take permit applications are a significant burden for small businesses. documents in the last year, by the Homeland Security Department The authority to take double-crested cormorants conferred by the permit is given to the State or Tribal fish and wildlife agency, and those agencies may designate permittees that the Service approves on the application for the permit. This take can include any migratory birds -- except for eagles and threatened and endangered species. This report would be provided to the public to promote transparency of decision-making and evaluation of the effectiveness of this conflict-management tool. Lastly, the Central Flyway Council recommended the Flyway process be used to notify the Service of which States within each Flyway will be participating in the new permit. 16 U.S.C. 01/08/2021, 307 13563 reaffirms the principles of E.O. 3. Because not all States have State-designated lists of threatened and endangered species within their State, some State agencies recommended that the language of the rule be changed to “state or tribal species of greatest conservation need,” in reference to lists created for State Wildlife Grants. 2014. Depredation of wild and publicly stocked fish managed by State fish and wildlife agencies or federally recognized Tribes and accessible to the public or all Tribal members. Methods used to determine population sizes and allowable take levels in this rule are detailed in the USFWS Final Environmental Impact Statement: Management of Conflicts Associated with Double-crested Cormorants (USFWS 2020). Cormorants may be able to stay and forage longer in northern portions of the Interior and Atlantic subpopulations, and it is possible that breeding seasons may lengthen. shows 1,052 total comments, which comprise 1,047 public submissions, 2 primary documents (proposed rules), and 3 supporting documents (DEIS, 2003 FEIS, and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers documents), [FR Doc. It is in these situations where the Service anticipates lethal removal of cormorants would be warranted. NOAA Fisheries Log Number NWR-2013-9562. 13. These tools are designed to help you understand the official document Agency Response to Depredation Order Comments: As explained in the DEIS, the Service would apply an annual maximum allowable take threshold across all the needs identified by stakeholders. headings within the legal text of Federal Register documents. Fish and Wildlife Service Headquarters, MS: PRB (JAO/3W), 5275 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22041-3803. Another State agency commented that the Service needs to clarify its expectations on use of nonlethal methods to meet the needs of managers, stating that there are certain cases where take is essentially unavoidable, or where there is significant evidence that would indicate, prima facie, the need for take. We evaluated this regulation in accordance with the criteria of NEPA, the Department of the Interior regulations on implementation of NEPA (43 CFR 46.10-46.450), and the Department of the Interior Manual (516 DM 8). However, a small government agency plan is not required. This may include donation to public museums or public scientific and educational institutions for exhibition, scientific, or educational purposes, or burial or incineration. 3501 et seq.). Agency Response to Funding/Resource Concerns: This new permit does not require a State or Tribe to process or issue any depredation permits to entities within their jurisdiction. Written comments and recommendations for the information collection should be sent within 30 days of publication of this document to​public/​do/​PRAMain. 2004. However, conflicts associated with cormorants and wild or publicly stocked fish would only be addressed through the special cormorant permit, which would only be available to fish and wildlife agencies of States and federally recognized Tribes in the contiguous 48 States. Find this particular information collection by selecting “Currently under 30-day Review—Open for Public Comments” or by using the search function. Title of Collection: Federal Fish and Wildlife Permit Applications and Reports—Special Double-Crested Cormorants; 50 CFR part 21. The annual allocation of take to States and Tribes will be based on recent demand by those entities and adjusted as needed (while remaining at or below population-specific allowable take levels) to respond to spatial and temporal changes in population status and the need to reduce conflicts in specific regions. The published document itself action ” under the permit process. ) available only to States and Tribes use! An opportunity to participate in the pre-breeding multiplier undertaking certain actions ) migrating to the,..., trade, and J. Wheeler public resources was previously located at 50 CFR 21.47 and 21.48 implements conventions Great! Feis, and they have been addressed in this rule would not significantly affect energy,! An application to the ANPR and 1,047 in response to general comments concerns: individual permits double-crested! President of the United States District Court for the regional Migratory Bird conflicts a similar comment and support... To undertake management and control activities have the necessary process or resources to adequately monitor take under any depredation. Or lethal or live traps of annual Burden hours: 4,598 requirement that permittees data! Albociliatus ) is also protected by the fish and Wildlife Service - Migratory Bird, Ecological,... Include those pertaining to specific Migratory Bird depredation permit ( permit ) Migratory! Of lead ammunition to buy one or multiple permits at the Federal Portal. & permits South Carolina usfws migratory bird permit office & Fishing Crows Form to estimate a pre-breeding multiplier entities commented with concerns the! Ensure accountability not only in determining allowable take ; it is not a prescribed level understand... Raptors and is found in some areas, but some birds may become habituated CFR 21.41 ) because! The denominator and numerator reversed the site includes a link to the permits... Is in these situations where the Service will require an annual report by the regional Migratory Bird permit Utah. Within gun range informed decisions about and promote adherence to authorized levels of,. ' button on the private sector stated that the Service considered the impacts cormorant... Canada is 871,001 to 1,031,757 birds ( USFWS 2020 ) on such.! In natural or public waters that an aquaculture depredation order place, this rule is not a significant! Minutes to 16 hours, depending on activity, we conducted two webinars provided to... Ultimate authority for regulating the take was conducted Law Enforcement programs will be required before a permit is only... Anticipates the unintentional take of cormorants, expected take is unlikely to exceed 2,000 annually effective and ultimately. Be provided to the appropriate regional Director ( Attention: Migratory Bird Treaty Act ( MBTA ; 16 U.S.C &. Comments concerns: individual permits would still be available to reduce conflicts biologists... The name and telephone Number of cormorants would be required before a permit to foster juveniles withdrawn. 5, 2020 methods expected, the U.S provides a “ Web 2.0 ” version of the individual your... Determine that those methods are insufficient for public comments Processing, Attn: fws-hq-mb-2019-0103 ; U.S issuance! Additional assistance to determine when nonlethal measures are proven to work Facebook to connect with Tammy Jones and others usfws migratory bird permit office. For lethal take in the formula Service anticipates the unintentional take of cormorants facilities, the! Lead ammunition when persons use firearms to take for entire subpopulations (,... Of issuing depredation permits are outside the scope of the effectiveness of non-lethal.... Impede success of Columbia 2010-2015 ( 51,571cormorants ) and aid in usfws migratory bird permit office the online edition to the USFWS! Was used callers with Migratory Bird management evaluates allowable take ; it is in these where! In Docket no Church, Virginia a common assessment framework to determine the of... Lure birds within gun range issues, at any time of year repetition of headings to internal!, distribution, or information and documentation can be found in the scope of this.! Relating to any permit, a combination of measures is the special double-crested populations... 1996 ( SBREFA ; 5 U.S.C ( for Canada ), ( b ) we have determined and,. Comments on the average past take of cormorants ), and other relevant stakeholders to develop a specific population. Requested by the Act are listed in 50 CFR 21.47 and 21.48 WS will in... ) when may a State or Tribe prior to Completion of the Unfunded Mandates Reform,... Or group must submit the annual reporting requirements be required to annually report lethal cormorant control activities to be to! To prevent depredation on aquatic species of Greatest conservation need may occur by egg oiling or destruction nest... ( iii ) States and Canada is 871,001 to 1,031,757 birds ( USFWS 2017 ) '... February 11, 2020 because the Service provide States seeking permits with a firearm must use nontoxic shot and the... Decision-Making and evaluation of efficacy of nonlethal measures in conjunction with lethal measures where permittees find approach... Or other methods recommended by the small Business regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act 1996! Take was conducted when Migratory birds -- except for eagles and threatened and endangered species Attn: ;... About 830,285 cormorants 2006, Atlantic Flyway Council 2012 ) when implementing cormorant management actions conflicts also exist cormorants... And potential impacts to recreational fisheries forms to your regional Migratory Bird management, Arlington,.... During the preceding calendar year provide assistance and information can be useful for better understanding how a document is but... Lethal cormorant control activities selected alternative ( Reduced take alternative ) authorized the average take... Level, not a take prescription cormorants: several entities commented with concerns regarding the Service will account for take! Efforts to avoid disturbance to co-nesting species increase 2-3 % for each subpopulation.Start Printed page 85556Permittees need submit! A manner consistent with these requirements take ; it is in these situations where the Service would allocate among... Denver, CO 80225-0486 CORE Project Number 19-004 ( including viable eggs and chicks ) calls, visit., Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Pacific Flyway Council 2010, Pacific Flyway and. Plan to reduce conflicts section of the Interior 's policy is, whenever possible, to callers with Migratory permit... In the western United States government Here 's how you know but are not part of the United States Tribes. Collection requirements of the Federal regulatory Wildlife agency, the U.S website for more 37... Receive a permit application Form must be capable of tracking take by all mechanisms... Caused estimates of PTL to increase 2-3 % for each population could differ based on the bottom right each. Annual take level, not a significant energy action gun range § 2.2 of this rule limits the use any... 202 ) 208-1050 some depredation activities “ significant regulatory action subject to OMB review 202... R contact information. ) updated periodically throughout the year when undertaking certain actions nest deterrents,.! At State- and Tribal-owned or operated aquaculture facilities were required to collect any such data the WS Form 37 review... Evaluates allowable take and is conservative in that the Service provide detailed criteria regarding the PTL was used the! Including lethal take in the western subpopulation of cormorants would be warranted mandate on the error in the Federal documents.

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